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The Julie Durmaskin
Professional Education Scholarship

ASTD Nebraska was recently recognized for its submission to the ASTD “Sharing Our Success” (SOS) program.

The chapter turned the death of a valued board member into a positive, encouraging movement by forming the Julie Durmanskin Professional Education Scholarship. Designed to encourage members to continue to grow and develop their skills while removing financial barriers, the scholarship also provides our members, speakers, and supporters a way to donate to the advancement of our members.

A Passion for Learning: Scholarship Fund Honors Former Board Member 

In honor of a fellow champion of learning and professional development,
the ASTD Nebraska 2010 Board created the The Julie
Durmaskin Professional Education Scholarship.
The scholarship provides monetary assistance to members of the local
chapter of the American Society for Training and Development,
ASTD Nebraska, for attending educational programs for
professional development. For example, a member could apply for
scholarship assistance to help pay for the chapter’s premiere
educational program, Trainer’s Institute.

Julie Durmaskin served on the Board as Director of Education.
She was part
of the team that made educational programs available to workplace learning and
performance professionals in the Omaha/Council Bluffs metropolitan area. These
programs included the well-known Trainer’s Institute,  held every October.
As the Merchant Sales Manager of Learning and Development at PayPal, Julie led her
team in performance coaching, employee development, organizational strategy,
knowledge management, leadership, and training. Her commitment to learning
was further evidenced by the Master of Science degree in Adult Learning,
Performance & Development that she earned from Drake University. Julie stepped
down from the ASTD Nebraska Board due to illness, and she passed away on May 26, 2010.
Her friends on the ASTD Nebraska Board named their scholarship fund after her
as a token of appreciation for her membership and participation in ASTD Nebraska.
Her passion for education inspires us and will continue to inspire us through the scholarship.
Thank you, Julie. Thank you for all the ways you have touched our lives and inspired our
ambition. It is with humble affection that we present The Julie Durmaskin Professional
Education Scholarship to our members.

Member Scholarship

Click here to view and complete the ATD Nebraska Scholarship form.

ATD Nebraska achieved 100% CARE (Chapter Affiliation Requirements) by successfully meeting all 18 requirements! Based on reported joint membership percentage, the chapter is also recognized as a Chapter Membership STAR with joint membership between 45‐50%.

The CARE membership goal helps establish that members of the national organization and its chapters are part of the same organization with shared valuable resources and a shared compelling mission that effectively meets members’ professional development needs. To learn more about our CARE requirements, click on the CARE Logo.

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Awarded For
Cynthia Way
To assist in tuition costs related to obtaining her Doctorate of Education in Human and Organizational Learning.
Michael Merritt
To assist in enrollment fees to participate in the Keith Ferazzi Relationship Master's Academy. 
April Kassen
To assist in fees related to obtaining her CPLP. 
Christine Mixan
To assist in conference registration fees for the ASTD 2011 International Conference and Exposition. 
Stephen Campbell To assist in enrollment costs to attend training classes at Nebraska Mediation Association.  2011
Lacy Stoloda
 To assist in fees related to obtaining her CPLP
Krishna Clay
 To assist in enrollment fees for an ASTD National Program
 To assist in tuition costs related for a Master of Arts in Education
 Jill Banaszak  To assist in conference fees for ALC (ASTD Leaders Conference)  2012
 Anonymous  To assist in conference fees for ALC (ASTD Leaders Conference)  2012

To apply, Click Here.
Click Here to donate to the scholarship. You can also contact us for more information.

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