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If you are interested in building your skills, broadening your career opportunities, or differentiating yourself in a competitive job market, take advantage of the career services offered to you as an ATD Nebraska member:

      • Job Search & Job Post - Career Resources partners with Omaha metro area and out-of-area employers to place the most current local and regional job opportunities directly onto our website. To submit your career opportunity, send an email with your Job Posting or a link to the job posting attached to   
      • CPLP Preparation - The ATD Certification Institute's Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP) credential provides talent development professionals the ability to prove their worth to employers and to be confident in their knowledge of the field. CPLP gives you the capability, credibility, and confidence to be a high performing contributor in your organization. Be one of the best - become a CPLP! To learn more about the CPLP, send your questions to
      • Mentoring - The Mentoring Program is a structured, yet informal, voluntary program for ATD Nebraska members who are interested in growing their talent development skills and knowledge through a partnership with another experienced ATD Nebraska member. Participants are supported and guided through the mentor relationship by qualified program coordinators. For more information about mentoring, send an email to
      • Resume Critique Services - We provide a personalized resume critique based upon the latest trends in hiring and the Talent Development and Training career field. You will receive insight and edits that will allow you to polish your resume and increase your ability to compete with other candidates in the job market. To request a Resume Critique, attach your resume and email it to
      • Mock Interview Services - A mock interview is an individual session with an ATD Nebraska Interview Team member to help you prepare and strategize for future job interviews. Interviewing questions will be presented and you will be asked to respond, as in a real interview. You will be given constructive feedback regarding your interviewing style and how you responded to the questions.
      • Career Navigator - The ATD Career Navigator will help you explore the career roles you can aspire to, the skills necessary to function effectively in each role, and the resources that are available to help build necessary skills. Assess your current skills and invite feedback from another person. After completing the assessment you will receive a report that shows you how you rate yourself against the target proficiencies needed in that position. Resources will then be recommended to close any proficiency gaps. Click here to begin your Career Assessment! 

Career Resources Center

The ATD Nebraska Career Resources Center is one of the many benefits available to the ATD Nebraska Members.

The mission of the Career Resources Center is to enhance our membership's ability to successfully advance professionally within the Talent Development and Training career field.

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