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March 6th - Day One

Descriptions & objectives for concurrent sessions

7:30 am30 minRegistration / Breakfast / NetworkingCulinary Arts Building
8:00 am60 minKeynote
Heather Wright
Culinary Arts Building
9:00 am20 minTransition 
9:20 am60 min
Concurrent Sessions (round 1)
  • Engaging New Technology: Getting Started with Augmented Reality
  • Increase Employee Creativity and Productivity with Clear Standards
  • Learning By The Numbers
  • Onsite Escape Room
  • Grow Your Value...Show Your Value!
  • Making Your "Impossible," - Possible!
  • Franklin Covey - The 5 Choices to Extraordinary Productivity
Mule Barn
10:20 am60 minExpo BoothsMule Barn
11:20 am40 minLunch / TransitionCulinary Arts Building
12:00 pm75 minKeynote
David Kelley
Culinary Arts Building
1:15 pm20 minTransition 
1:35 pm60 minConcurrent Sessions (round 2)Mule Barn
2:35 pm25 minTransition
3:00 pm60 minKeynote
Kelli Hinshaw
Culinary Arts Building
4:00 pm120 minSocial EventCulinary Arts Building

March 7th - Day Two

Descriptions & objectives for breakout sessions

Time Duration Event Location
7:30 am 15 min Registration / Breakfast / Networking Culinary Arts Building
7:45 am60 min Keynote
Nicole Bianchi
Culinary Arts Building
8:45 am15 min Transition  
9:00 am3.5 hrBreakout Sessions (round 1)
  • Building Easy and Effective Augmented Reality for Your Training
  • Leveraging SMEs to Build a Learning Organization
  • Create a Compelling Measurement Strategy (handout attached)
  • Putting Curation into Practice
  • Project Management Essentials for the Unofficial Project Manager (part 1)
Mule Barn 
12:30 pm10 minTransition 
12:40 pm50 minLunchCulinary Arts Building
1:30 pm 3.5 hr Breakout Sessions (round 2)
  • Persuading Through the "Curiosity Filter": Marrying the "What" and "How" in Making Effective Presentations
  • Anchoring Learning With Experiential Activities
  • Digital Pedagogy
  • Project Management Essentials for the Unofficial Project Manager (part 2)
Mule Barn

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